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Are you seeking support for the thoughts, feelings and experiences that are affecting you? I offer face-to-face and online therapeutic counselling to adults and young people; within the safe and non-judgemental space that counselling provides, we can work together to help you explore your issues, gain clarity and find a way forward.

Counselling can be of benefit to anyone; don't worry about your issue being too big, too complicated, too embarrassing or not bad enough... There are no pre-requisites; you can simply turn up as you are and bring your own unique experience of that which is troubling you.

It may be that life has thrown a challenge, transition or unexpected event on your path; you are left feeling overwhelmed, confused and lost; somehow you cannot find a way through. Or perhaps your issue is harder to define; you just feel that something has not been right for a quite some time; you might feel unsure of who you really are, feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled.

You have tried talking to friends and family, but feel misunderstood, are worried that your issue is too much of a burden to the other person or you feel too ashamed to express all there is to say. You might feel that you should not even be thinking or feeling the way that you do; what do you really have to complain about. You tried self-help books and resources, but no matter what you try, you are still feeling alone, stuck, confused or unsure about your sense of direction.

Counselling provides a safe space for you to share your thoughts and concerns; you can share all aspects of your life, relationships and experiences in one place and without needing to worry. It is about feeling heard and understood in how you experience your life and the challenges your are facing. Counselling is not about giving advice; it is about empowering you to uncover your own solutions and create the changes you desire through new insights and understanding.

What issues can counselling help with?

I am trained to offer psychotherapeutic counselling for a wide range of issues. As part of our initial conversation I will help you to determine if my training and experience match the support you are seeking, or if one of my trusted colleagues would be better place to deal with the concerns for which you are seeking support. If you are unsure; please do not hesitate to contact me; together we can work out what is best for you.

Challenging life

Difficult life events can become overwhelming and get the better of us. Some of the issues I can work include: bereavement and loss, parenthood, family and relationship difficulties, pregnancy and infertility, life transitions, illness and diagnosis, retirement, work related issues, settling or living abroad.

Difficult thoughts and feelings

Many of my clients seek counselling for thoughts and feelings linked to anxiety, low mood, stress, burn-out and perfectionism. Or those that are harder to define; something has felt 'off' for quite some time, a sense of dissatisfaction, confusion around your sense of self or patterns you feel stuck in.

Neurodiversity informed counselling

With over 20 years of experience in the field of neurodiversity, I can offer support to adults and teens whom are either diagnosed or self-identify as neurodivergent. You can find more information on the 'SEND and Neurodiversity Informed Counselling' page.

Parents/carers of children with SEND

Whether you are coming to terms with a diagnosis or feel that you have lost yourself along the way, counselling can provide a space for your story to be heard, help you to process your emotions and find your way to supporting your own needs.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange an initial phone call. You can reach me via email (hlee.counselling@gmail.com) or can complete the contact form on my site.

All enquiries are usually answered within 24 hours and any information shared remains confidential.

A short conversation might be all that is needed to get you the support that can help you to move forward.

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